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Barons & Fujikura EPC Co., Ltd.

C-6/54, 1st St., Kaba Aye Villa Residence, 8-Mile,, Mayangone, Yangon , Myanmar
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Business Profile

Barons & Fujikura EPC Co., Ltd.(registrationnumber 1184 FC/2014-2015), is a newly formed joint venture company between BaronsMachinery & Engineering Co., Ltd of Myanmar and Fujikura Ltd of Japan.

Barons & Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd.(“BME”),established in 2008, is a company with stable management structure, focusing onproviding turnkey services in Electric Power Value chains from Distributionnetworks construction to Transmission network services and GenerationEquipment. The company have 120+ manpower wher 45% of the resources are engineers.

“BME” builds its competency in systematic operationmanagement structure coupled with young and energetic human resources trainedto pride in quality and ethical business conducts. “Barons” have built roads,bridges, power lines and telecom infrastructure, industrial establishments inall parts of Myanmar. Such experienced human resources from all Barons unitedare selected and transferred to “BFE” to let “BFE’ to be able to deliver itsservices in various parts of Myanmar.

Fujikura Ltd. Was established in 1910 in Tokyo,Japan, as electric wire manufacturing company. Today, the company is engaged inPower & Telecommunication Systems, Electronics Business, AutomotiveProducts and Real Estate business. The company has 89 consolidated companies inJapan, America, Europe, and Asia with 50,409 employees working in consolidatedcompanies. Apart from 89 consolidated companies’ world-wide, Fujikura Ltd alsohave more than 100 affiliated companies where the company does not own majorshareholding of an affiliated company. The company is listed in Tokyo StockExchange with net sales of JPY 590 billion in 2013. “Fujikura” have involved ina number of world-class connectivity projects and various types of installationand construction services can also be transferred to “BFE”. Such tapping on theexperiences and knowledge as well as transfer of knowledge are done as internaltransfer and not as external vendors.

The unique understanding of both “Barons” and “Fujikura”as well as “BFE” teams on both power and telecommunication industry all overthe world and in Myanmar, is a striking strength of “BFE” Team.

Brands / Services
  • Power Network & Backup Power Solution for Myanmar Railway Modernization
  • Railway Signaling Work & Telecommunication Work
  • Implementing Route Indicator Signal, Poin Machine, Turnout equipment, Junction Box for Track Circuit, Shunt Signal Indicator, Automatic Level crossing.
  • Power Generation equipment EPC Services
  • Operation & Maintenance Services
Other Business Categories
  • Generators & Transformers Sales/Services & Rental
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